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Welcome to the Insite Specialist Services Home Page, where we have managed to gather together some leading technology and solutions to property issues that were often seen as ‘niche’ markets and expensive add-ons. We can provide these services as part of the The Insite Group holistic service.

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31st July 2019

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Mould: Unique Solutions (1 Hr duration)

Hygienic Coatings: Revolutionary Solutions (1 Hr duration)

Indoor Air Quality: Filterless Solutions (1 Hr duration)

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Bio-Security: Pioneering Solutions (2 Hr duration)

Building Professionals
31st July 2019

“We were given the opportunity to trial a 1000G3 air sanifier after hearing about its capabilities in purifying the environment in our home. I had used portable de-humidifiers and air purifiers in the past but found these to be large, bulky and unsightly. The 1000G3 air sanifier was a lot more compact and aesthetically pleasing and I was particularly interested to see if this worked, as one of my children has rather sensitive skin and suffers from allergies at certain times of the year. After trialing the unit for around six months, I was surprised to see a noticeable difference in air quality (almost immediately) and reduced occurrence of skin related issues over a period of time.”

Nadeem Khan
Regional Associate Director


(Engineering Services Solutions)

Years of Pain and Anguish
31st July 2019

Shortly after Insite visited my flat which had suffered many leaks from the flat above and application of their ‘Flood-Hit’ and ‘Bio-Touch’ my mood and health seemed to lift almost immediately. Their knowledge, experience and products were second to none. I had been searching for years for solutions and can’t recommend Insite highly enough.

Dr Elaine O’Donnell

Retired Neurosurgeon. 

Healthcare Professionals
31st July 2019

‘As a Healthcare professional, I am very conscious of the toxins in our air and environment and the effect this can have on one’s health. After much research into Air purifiers I am so happy that i found Air Oasis, as I am confident they have a positive impact on the health of me and my family.
I have Air Oasis air purifiers in my home, my clinic and a mobile one for travelling. I take great comfort that the Air Oasis products ensure my environment is clean from bacteria, mould and viruses. I never hesitate to recommend Air Oasis products to my friends, family and patients’.

Dr E Mason MSc DC LRCC

Tremendous interest in ‘Flood-Hit’
29th November 2018

‘Flood-Hit’ is receiving tremendous interest and at this very appropriate time of the year makes perfect sense.

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